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MMC Ship Design & Marine Consulting Ltd. is an independent design company specializing in ships
for the offshore industry and specialist ships. We offer a wide range of designs of vessels as well as
the designing of alterations and technical consulting to select the best solutions.


MMC is a private company established in 2006 by people sharing PASSION for ships and the sea.
 Since the very beginning of our operations, we strive for quality, timeliness and customer satisfaction.
 This is why we listen to customers very carefully and present tailor-made solutions. 


Our close cooperation with ship-owners, shipyards and makers of equipment
gives us invaluable EXPERIENCE that is reflected in our subsequent designs.
We combine knowledge and skills to get CREATIVITY in the creation of new design concepts.
Our state-of-the-art solutions focus on the safety and comfort, improved productivity,
reduced negative environmental impact and improved effectiveness of investments.

Our achievements

Since the establishment of MMC, nearly 100 ships built according to our
designs were put into operation. This fact is deeply satisfying but it also entails
responsibility. We would like to thank everybody who trusted us and who shares
the experience of the operation of the ships with us.